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Mommy & Me – Mother & Child clinic provides healthcare services for mothers and children. Services are provided by certified nurses and other certified associates i.e. Physiotherapist, dietician, Social Worker, Personal Trainer

About Us 


Provide specialized, quality, affordable, sustainable and convenient health care for mother and child

  • To promote prevention rather cure through education, screening and immunization
  • Empower women to make informed decision about motherhood and their health

The Mommy & Me values guide behaviour and conduct

Values Behaviour Description
Care Put patients needs first, treat them with courtesy and consideration
Respect Treat patients and each other with dignity
Commitment Ensure we deliver on what we have promised
Accountability Take responsibility for our actions
Integrity Be consistent in our actions and adhere to our core values



Colic is also known as infantile colic, medically defined as a condition in which a healthy baby has a period of intense, unexplained fussing, crying lasting more than 3hrs per day, more than 3days a week for more than 3weeks. Symptoms may be worst post feeding and may increase during a specific period of day. Colic appears within the first month of life last for three to four months.

Most recent research shows that if the labour is long and involves and emergency C-section, ventouse or forceps and malpresentation, ‘imagine if your head was at an unusual position for several weeks than imagine someone was pushing your head harder for an entire day, you would have neck ache right?’’. Some babies would not feed in a certain angle because of this discomfort

During labour the baby’s cranial bones may overlap ‘cone headed’ new born usually return to normal position via the process of sucking and movement of the lower jaw stimulates the base of the skull via the palate. Some studies have shown that if the baby’s vagus nerve the nerve directly linked to digestion is compressed this can cause a noticeable effects the baby’s digestive system causing pain and irritability after feeding. Chiropractic treatment has shown to be effective in relieving the pressure on the vagus nerve alleviating the symptoms.

Pregnancy related back pain

Postural changes

Pregnancy shifts your centre of gravity as results you may gradually even without noticing begin to adjust your posture and the way you move. This result in back pain or strain. Chiropractors can treat this with alignment of the spine


During pregnancy your body produces a hormone called relaxin that allows ligaments in the pelvic area to relax and joints to become looser in preparation for the birth process. Thus post labour the pelvis will need re-alignment as it held by ligaments that soften and stretch causing slight separation of the joints allowing the baby’s head to pass through during birth. The same hormone ‘relaxin’ can cause ligaments in the spine to loosen leading to instability, lower pain and muscle separation this contribute to pregnancy related lower back pain. Seeking chiropractic care can aid in relieving these symptoms

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Numbness and tingling in the hand and arm caused by a pinched nerve in the wrist or pressure on the median nerve is called carpal tunnel syndrome. Some people can experience pain in the arm between their hand and elbow when suffering from this condition, pregnancy can cause carpal tunnel syndrome and anything that causes swelling in the carpal tunnel i.e. water retention during pregnancy can worsen these symptoms. This is treated by Chiropractors with wrist joint alignment and cryotherapy alternating with heat. The sooner you start treatment the better your chances of stopping symptoms and preventing long-term damage to the nerve.

For Baby

  • All scheduled baby immunizations
  • Baby weighing, measurements & growth assessments
  • Baby milestone development assessment for early problem detection
  • Baby wellness advice:
    • Colic treatment
    • Breastfeeding
    • Cramps
    • Introducing solids
    • Teething
    • Treatment and prevention of rashes and allergies
    • Everyday care for your baby

For Women

Reproductive Health

  • Pregnancy Test
  • PAP smears
  • Breast examinations
  • Contraception

             Wellness Consultation

  • Comprehensive wellness assessment (blood pressure, blood glucose, ,Cholesterol
  • HIV Counselling & Testing

For Teens

Health and wellness is more than just the physical — your teen is probably experiencing emotional issues as well. Sometimes it helps for them to talk to someone else about the stress of school, friends and s-e-x.

We respect patient privacy while encouraging open dialogue in families. We support healthy communication as teens and their families grow together.

We also provide

  • Vaccinations to protect against HPV and cancer
  • Educate young women on changes that occur during adolescence and menstruation
  • Sexual health education
  • Academic stresses / peer pressure


During pregnancy

  • Full assessment and hands-on treatment of back pain, pubic pain, pelvis pain and tingling / painful hands (common pregnancy-related aches and pains)
  • Problems controlling your bladder or bowel
  • Pregnancy Wellness Class – important information on how to look after yourself during pregnancy

After the Birth Problems with the:

  • Pelvic floor
    • Pelvic floor muscle check-up / assessment
    • Problems with your bladder and bowel (especially if this continues 3 months after your baby is born)
  • Rectus abdominus diastasis (stomach muscle ‘separation’ / weakness)
  • Ongoing pain
    • Back pain with new daily activities (e.g. breastfeeding)
    • Ongoing pubic or pelvic pain
    • Rehabilitation of third and fourth degree tears
    • Perineal pain

Any time of your life Full assessment and treatment of:

  • Bladder and bowel problems
    • Leaking urine with coughing / sneezing / jumping / running
    • Being unable to hold on for as long as you need to
    • Going to the toilet frequently and/or impacting your personal and social life
    • Being unable to control winds and smells
    • Chronic constipation
  • Pelvic organ prolapse (feelings of heaviness or dragging in the vagina)
  • Sexual dysfunction and pain

Dietetics services

  • Nutrition before and during pregnancy and during lactation
  • Weight management before and after pregnancy and during lactation (weight loss/gain)
  • Infant and young child feeding
  • Weight loss or obesity in children

Social Workers services

Our social worker offers counselling services and support to children and adults; child behavioural problems, parent child relationships.We offer advice and support on social welfare services

Antenatal & Postnatal Classes

  • Pregnancy Wellness Class – how to look after yourself during pregnancy
  • Birth preparation classes
        • Early Bird pregnancy classes (before 24 weeks of pregnancy) Congratulations! What to expect in the first 5 months
        • Pain management
        • The How To… Normal birth
        • The How To… Caesarean section
        • The ins and outs of successful
        • Especially for Dad’s
  • Get to know your baby
  • Conscious parenting – “The baby is born… what now?”
  • Newborn and toddler CPR
  • Baby massage

Personal Fitness Trainer

  • FitPreggie exercise classes – prevent pain and stay fit
  • Yummy Mommy fitness camp

Baby Classes

Stimulate your baby through a combination of energetic development stage appropriate exercises, sensory stimulation, calming activities and massages Classes ( Baby classes; 2-12 months, 2-7 Months, 8-12 Months, Toddler classes; 12- 22/24/36 months)